Sears Clearance has gone, what’s next?

The corner of 410 and Queen is criminally* underdeveloped. It is the geographic centre of our city. The 410 is the arterial road, carrying thousands upon thousands of people into this city, right past … well … not much.

On the southwest corner of this busy intersection sits a half vacant mall that boasts a few discount stores and a liquidation centre.  Hardly the first impression one hopes to make to visitors coming into our Great City. The anchor tenants of the mall, Kelsey’s, Wongs, Chinese Food, Sears Clearance Centre, have all moved on. The mall has a large vacant rate.  It is still home to the famous Heritage Fish and Chips, and ReMax, TD Bank, Great Canadian Bagel and some other great companies. But where Kelsey’s used to sit is a filled in hole of near literal rubble.

When we look at Yonge and Sheppard, a formerly underdeveloped part of Toronto (North York), we see the Hullmark Centre, pictured below. Using a mapping tool, we also see that a building identical to the Hullmark would fit quite nicely in the space where Sears used to be, and would make a much nicer gateway building into Brampton off the 410. While Pizzahut would have to be accommodated and moved, I wonder if there aren’t real possibilities for Brampton to work with the owner of this land to make some City Building happen where it counts.



5 thoughts on “Sears Clearance has gone, what’s next?

    1. The planning committee is a bit myopic when it comes to potential site selections. Forget Mississauga separating from Peel Region, if the leadership at City Hall doesn’t wake up and broaden their perspective, Brampton is going to separate from Four Corners.


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