Brampton Half Marathon update 

Unfortunately, Plan A is a long shot, to say the least. We have begun our efforts to convince the Province to let us use the affected road, but are not optimistic. It’s a “No” until we can convince them to give us a “Yes.” If this route is approved, we are definitely talking 2018. 

So. If you have any connections in the upper level of decision makers at the MTO, please introduce us! We have a plan to raise over $400,000 for Peel Memorial, in an event that could run annually. But for it to work, we need our preferred route! 

Plan B is a good, solid route. It is an easier race to plan and run, but is less likely to draw the same number of runners, and almost definitely wont result in the same ‘Charitable Donation’ focus as Plan A. We may run this race route this year regardless of what happens with Plan A, so stay tuned as we are very committed to bringing a Half Marathon event to Brampton. 

Our target date of August 12th for race day remains. Fingers crossed. 


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