Half Marathon Update Feb 27th

Well, it looks like Plan B is the way forward. For those who were keeping an eye on what we were trying to do, you can scroll to the bottom of the page. Maybe, by putting it out into the universe, someone with more pull than this lonely blogger could make the vision come to fruition. It would be good for the hospital, so I am happy to pass the torch to anyone who can make this dream come true.

What is Plan B? A half marathon in Brampton’s North East corner. Proceeds will go to a Charity, and there will be a 5K and 10K option. We are looking at the costs of Road Closures. If the costs are not too extreme, we can likely run a small scale inaugural event this year, which is my personal goal. If road closures are too expensive, the race will be held in the Spring of 2018. Advertising, recruiting volunteers, ordering Race Medals and Gift Bag Swag, it all takes time, and we want to go big! It will happen though, as Brampton and the neighbourhood communities deserve a Made In Brampton solution.

So what was Plan A, you ask?  Well, if you have ever participated in the Becel Ride for Heart on the Don Valley Parkway, you may recognize the structure we had in mind:

  • We close the 410 from just north of Queen Street, and run a northbound Out and Back route of 10.55 km to just shy of the Valleywood exit; with the return leg creating a flat and fast 21.1 km Half Marathon Distance (the concept map above is an earlier iteration of the plan);
  • Highway exits make excellent and natural aid stations, at Williams Parkway and Bovaird;
  • All participants pledge to raise $410 (cause we like themes) for Peel Memorial Hospital. You get 1,000 runners and voila, $410,000 raised in a 3.5 hour stretch;
  • The event could be run annually;
  • Parking would be available in nearby plazas creating a positive economic impact.
  • Urgent care is nearby with easy access to Bovaird to get to William Osler and Queen Street to get to Peel Memorial; and
  • There would be plenty of after party options at 410 and Queen establishments

So there you have it Universe! Hopefully you have more pull with the MTO than I have. Let’s make this happen!



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