Who elected “Crooked Hillary”? 

Here we are again, adrift in a sea of misinformation coming from our own Mayor. https://www.facebook.com/citynewstoronto/videos/10154207950516175/
” “They’ve gone back to look at two routes that have been studied twice before …” mayor Linda Jeffrey, who voted against the environmental assessments, tells CityNews. ”

Only, that’s not even true! As confirmed by Brampton Guardian Reporter Peter Criscione:

And further: “Either route would require the LRT to detour several kilometres out of the way to reach the Brampton GO, which would need considerable expropriation of residential and commercial lands.” The several kilometers in question is, worst case scenario, 3.5km.  At 60km/hr (easily achieved by a grade and lane selected LRT) this adds a whopping 3.5 mins to the trip.  3.5 minutes. Our Mayor is being disingenuous with us over 3.5 minutes. 

Keep this in mind city me election time: Mayor Jackson 2018 never lies, and certainly about somethjng as ridiculous as 3.5 minutes. 


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