“Four Corners”? Still? 

Here it is with minimal fanfare: 


What am I talking about? 

I am talking about the stale branding of “downtown” Brampton. “Four Corners” is old. It’s tired. It’s lame. To be blunt: it’s a anchor around the neck of area merchants, saddling local businesses with a undeserved reputation for being mediocre, boring and old fashioned. It’s a relic of a bygone era. 

The worst part of the “Four Corners” brand? It’s not even true anymore! The are no longer Four banks on the Four Corners of Queen and Main. There aren’t any buildings in the NE corner anymore. It’s more of a Five Corners configuration with CIBC and Starbucks making it more of a pentagram situation. Not really the thought we want to put into people’s minds. 

So I say: let’s drop the “Four”! Let’s rebrand! 

The Corners embraces history, puts a fresh face on the area, sets up a spill out effect with “the art corner” ; “the theatre corner”; “the banking corner” ; “the fashion corner” ; you name it! It’s young. It’s Fast and it’s Furious. It’s mysterious and intriguing cause mysterious things are hidden in the corners. It separates downtown from its reputation for being stuck in time with a fresh identity. It expands the identity of the area from “one corner” (Main and Queen) to incorporate “all the corners” (George and Wellington, for instance) and helps focus on the growth of the area and “zooms out” from just Rose Theatre Square to every other feature of the area. 

Where you going? Gonna catch a show down in The Corners!

Where did you get that dress? A little shop in The Corners!

Who has the best tea in town? Teavana; it just opened a location The Corners! 

Beside all those chic new shops and Restos? Where else?!? Only in The Corners!!!


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