Dearest Mayor … Brampton ranked top 10 AGAIN

I’m sure everyone has already heard about the fDi Intelligence (a division of the Financial Times (UK)) ranking of Brampton in it’s Top 10 cities.  A big pat on the back for all the city staff who work hard day in and day out to make Brampton the great place that it is. You’ve worked hard. The results show and I am proud of you.

But this is where it gets awkward.

Um … Madame Mayor? About that “Status Quo” you’ve been slagging?

Shall I quote?  “and for the past six years, Brampton has consistently won or placed near the top in categories like Business Friendliness, City of the Future, Infrastructure and Connectivity.”

How do I put this?

Take your ‘backhanded compliment’ buzzwords with you when you leave & don’t let the door hit you in the backside on your way out.



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