Free, huh? The truth comes out

I was told, by many people many, many, many, times, that the Hurontario Main LRT was free, Free, FREE!!! 

So it’s very interesting to me to see a budget amendment request on the upcoming meeting agenda. An anonymous source tells me to expect a request from Metrolinx in the magnitude of $10 to $15 Million, but that is not yet confirmed by an independent source, so treat it as rumors and scuttlebutt for now. After all, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions: maybe it’s an amendment to reduce the transit budget since the LRT Is going to save us so much money.


It’s NEVER, and I mean NEVER, a budget reduction. 

Can’t wait to see how munch money this totally and completely free LRT is about to cost us. 

Oh wait, here it is, today’s request is a meager $13,000,000.00. 

Remember when Brampton Mayor Linda Jeffrey told us it was fully funded by the Province? Which I guess was a lie? Good times! 

Andthe Globe and Mail described as fully funded and not impacting the city at all? Good times! 

And I guess we can ask: Remember when even the CBC lied to us? Good times! 

Or, hahahaha, Remember when Mississauga Mayor Crombie and the Ontario Transportation Minister Steven Del Duca teamed up and lied to us? Good Times!


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