New Condos coming to Downtown Brampton

First off, I just want to acknowledge that I have never met Mr. Cutruzzola, and have never worked for him or for Inzola Group or, to my knowledge, anyone related to him. This post is not an “Advertorial”!

Having said that, I am happy to notice that Inzola Group has launched Symphony Condos  to be built at Lynch and Queen Streets. This injection of density into the Core of Brampton is a welcome sign that Brampton is starting to infill its underdeveloped lands in the Queen Street Corridor.   This area of town is often neglected in favor of “Four Corners” to the West and Bramalea City Centre to the East, but is well serviced by transit, restaurants, parklands, employment lands, and now, Peel Memorial Hospital.

I am curious to see if the project is sold out and gets built. I have often speculated that the lack of 3 bedroom condos is a hindrance to sales of Condo developments in Brampton, which is, at its a core, a family oriented bedroom community (yes, that’s a compliment!).  With symphony offering up to 2 Bedroom suites, but not 3 bedroom units, my conjecture that more families would live in Condos if more family sized units were built will certainly be put to the test. It may be the opposite, that larger families simply cannot afford monthly condo fees on top of all the other bills that two plus children bring into a household budget, and so building units to accommodate such families is a waste of resources.

In any event, the Queen Street Corridor seems to be on the radar again for developers to start breaking ground. There is also signage at the Rhythm Condos that indicate Mattamy may be moving forward with “Tower 2” (not an official name to my knowledge), there is signage on the north side of Queen that indicate new interest may exist in the vacant lots backing onto the Cemetery, and certainly there is a lot of talk of converting the empty car dealerships on the east side of Kennedy Road in the mix as well.

Brampton is growing. And this time, instead of just growing out, it looks like we may just be growing up as well.


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