1.77 Miles from Sub-Urban to Urban

Some food for thought on the future of Brampton investments into city building.

Four Corners is 2.85 Km (more or less) from Queen and the 410. That’s 1.77 Miles.

  • In Toronto, that would put you at Yonge and Bloore from the Gardiner, or Avenue Road and Bloor from the DVP.
  • In Kitchener, 2.84 km from the Hwy 8/Hwy7 split is the heart of downtown, with Hwy 7 always being much closer than that.
  • In Ottawa, 2.8 Km gets you across the river and into Hull.
  • In Hamilton, you are 3/4 of the way through downtown and almost out the other side.

The first 1.7 miles from the nearest highway can tell you a lot about a city. So what do our westward 1.77 Miles from the 410 to City Hall say about Brampton?

  • South of Queen: Costco and an overlook of our industrial park
  • Along Queen: There are a few burnt out strip malls, empty car dealerships, and a few highrises, but even these are at the end of the 1.7 miles, as you finally get to “downtown”
  • North of Queen: is there even a city up there? All I see are trees up there

What lies within the 1.7 mile radius of the 410 looking east?

  • Employment lands south of queen
  • The Bramalea Go Station
  • Bramalea City Centre
  • Chinguacousy Park
  • Trinity Common
  •  Employment lands along Mayfield
  • Bramalea Transit Terminal
  • Institutional buildings for the Region of Peel and Peel Regional Police, Library

When i look at the lands adjacent to the Bramalea GO Station, on a to-scale comparison basis with the lands adjacent to the Four Corners GO Station,  I really have to wonder why we aren’t doing more to bring a Downtown Core to the Bramalea and Steele’s area. Residents in the area would multiple access points to our multi-use park pathway systems, the BCC economic region would be within comfortable walking / cycling distance, employment lands are nearby to support jobs and training, the GO Train station has potential for increased service, reasonable access to both 410 and 407 is at hand.

As above. Food for thought.

bramalea go station


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