Downwards and Backwards By Guest Columnist: Cody Vatcher

By Guest Columnist: Cody Vatcher

Mayor Jeffrey has been bogged down recently by articles from various media outlets, most of which are check-ins on her progress on her campaign promise to “disrupt the state quo.”

Sitting in the council chambers for many months, you’ll recognize the frequent flashbacks to past councils and whatever blame can be foisted in their direction (those who aren’t there to defend themselves make the easiest targets). When displacing an incumbent, politicians are easily able to lay blame on prior administrations. That goes with the territory.  But 3.5 years into her term as mayor, this is now Her Administration.

So the Mayor promises to move onward and upward in front of the camera, but lives in the past in front of council. Why can’t she focus on building a mayoralty on the future? Why can’t she unite council?

The reality is, she did unite Council; just not in her favor. The majority of council (the democratically elected representatives of her constituents), haven’t supported her major initiatives. Take a look at the LRT vote, Election Rebate Program, and McCarter Re-appointment motion. All losses on issues where the Mayor pushed the decision as a matter of supporting her mayoralty, or not. She voted, she lost, and then refused to unite council or build consensus based on the decision made, to positively implement the decision made by “my council” (as she describes them) as a team. It’s as though she simply never learned to graciously accept defeat.

With another election right around the corner, it’s time our mayor decides if she will finish her term by laying blame, or attempting to build a legacy. Only she can truly unite this council, and uniting council in the final days of this term of office would be a great way to show voters she can be trusted with our votes in 2018.


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